One South Dearborn's Tenant® Portal: Emergency Procedures
Emergency Procedures

We consider safety to be the highest priority at One South Dearborn and have developed an emergency awareness and procedures program to ensure safe occupancy. Each tenant is asked to designate Emergency Contacts and Wardens who will receive additional training serve as a point person for updating and implementing building safety and emergency protocol. Emergency Wardens will be instrumental in ensuring employee safety in the event of a building emergency.

The Tenant Emergency Procedures Manual establishes a sequential "plan of response" for initially recognizing, identifying, and reporting the existence of specific emergency situations threatening the building and/or its inhabitants, and then provides for the safety and protection of endangered personnel and/or assets.

Various aspects of these Emergency Procedures will be tested on a deliberate, systematic and periodic basis in accordance with instructions from the Building Management and the Chicago Fire Department. Such testing will familiarize key personnel with their emergency duties and responsibilities and evaluate the Emergency Procedures to determine their continuing feasibility, as well as to identify existing deficiencies and the need to make corrections or adjustments.

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