General Maintenance and Services

Requests that are more detailed, such as moving, painting and lock changes should be submitted in writing via e-mail to ensure that the work is completed per the tenant’s directions. When requesting services, we require that it come from an authorized tenant contact, particularly those that incur costs on your company's behalf in order to simplify monthly invoicing.

Many general maintenance items can be handled by our on site engineering staff. Maintenance requests regarding building standard restrooms or building-provided heat and air conditioning are handled free of charge. Repairs and maintenance to items within tenant spaces such as doors, locks, private restrooms, kitchens, supplemental air conditioning units, etc. are considered billable services. Planned maintenance programs are also available.

If there are any questions, complaints or requests please contact the Management Office at 312-386-8300 or via email at

Authorized users may input work orders through the One South Dearborn Tenant Work Order Portal.